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White meets Black, Black meets White

Obrobibini is a mix between two words in Twi (local language in Ghana): "Obroni" means "white man", "Obibini" means "black man". Obrobibini represents the union of people from all origins. By bringing people together to share experiences and learn from each other, we develop healthy environments that are necessary for a decent human life with a healthy body and mind.

A platform...

...to unite...in a dynamic equilibrium

About us

Who we are

Our team unites people from different cultures

Obrobibini Peace Complex (OPC) is an association of people from high- and low-income countries that support the freedom and happiness of the people. We love to share our experiences and learnings to foster the healthy environments that are necessary for a decent human life with a healthy body and mind. Meet the team!

What we do

Bringing people together for development

By maintaining centres of learning, OPC provides platforms for people to unfold their full potential. Thereby, we focus on people from low-income countries who do not have the necessary resources to realize their ideas. Learn to live in peace and harmony with your fellow human beings and nature, become part of OPC!

OPC’s first centre is located in Ghana. We aim at contributing to the eradication of the root causes of poverty by building a centre of learning to support the health of the people and the environment through practical education in the areas of sustainable agriculture, healthy diet and sports, herbal medicine, natural sanitation, waste recycling and renewable energy.

We are based in a poor fishing village

Busua, Western Region, Ghana

Busua is a colourful fishing village, one of the country’s most important beach resorts and focal point of Ghana’s nascent surfing scene.

Building the first OPC centre

Building the first OPC centre

The first vision of a local artist

Let's do it!

OPC’s first centre is located at Busua, in the Western Region of Ghana. We are building the centre from scratch on a beautiful piece of land, a quiet spot tucked away from the lovely beachside but still within walking distance to the shore.

We need you!

To build all this we need your help! Get involved. Check out the various structures we are setting up at the centre by clicking on the icons below. We are organizing workshops about the different topics OPC is addressing at each of these structures.

These are the various structures we are setting up at the centre


Help us to build the Obrobibini Peace Complex!

We are a tax-exempt association based in Switzerland. Donations equal or above 100 CHF are tax-deductible

Your donation makes a difference, no matter how big. All the people in Switzerland work on a volunatry basis. Thank you very much!


With 50 CHF we can buy seeds for one vegetable garden feeding one family for a whole year

With 100 CHF we can build waste recycling and composting sites for five families

With 200 CHF we can buy one solar panel providing sustainable energy for a whole family

With 500 CHF we can build a compost toilet ensuring decent sanitation for five families

With 1’000 CHF we can buy one solar-powered water pump, providing water for five families


Because of transaction fees, we prefer direct transfers to our account using the information below. Alternatively, you can make a (regular) donation directly on this site using the form below (attention: 10% transaction fees apply).


Account: 15-001815-6 (for transfers within Switzerland)

IBAN: CH57 0900 0000 1500 1815 6 (for international transfers)


Name: Obrobibini Peace Complex

Address: Arminstrasse 9, 8050 Zürich

Please state your Email address (confirmation for tax declaration)


It is also easy to make a donation through our account at spendenbuch.ch


Your donation counts!


Click on the button to make a donation using Paypal


Call us

+41764498341 (Switzerland) | +233553797877 (Ghana, WhatsApp)

Find us at

Arminstrasse 9, CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland

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