Paul Bauer, Mushroom production

I have always wanted to establish a mushroom cultivation system myself. Since I had already grown oyster mushrooms as a hobby, I brought a little experience in mushroom cultivation with me before I came to Ghana. Even though I had done some small tests beforehand, I knew that it would be a challenge for me to grow mushrooms at OPC. I did not know anything about the local weather conditions and pests that could threaten the growth of the mushrooms, and I did not know how many resources were already available on the farm.

Therefore, I exchanged information with the President of OPC, Dr Christian Andres, and learned about mushroom cultivation in tropical countries to gain as much knowledge as possible before I left for Ghana. Arriving at the OPC farm, I met Justice Cudjoe, who already had experience in local mushroom cultivation. I received a lot of help- ful advice from him, and was eventually able to grow mushrooms at OPC and make them available for consumption and sale. In addition, I have passed on the knowledge I have gained to permanent staff at OPC so that they can continue production.

In the future, I will look for new cultivation techniques that can further improve the production system, and I will continue to stay in contact with OPC to exchange ideas on mushroom cultivation.

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