Noah Silvani, Allrounder

On the subject of sustainability, I was particularly interested in per- maculture and self-sufficiency; living in connection with nature with - out damaging it. I was looking for a way to combine my love of travel with experience in this field and meaningful work that challenges me and where I can live out my creativity. This is how my fate led me to Christian Andres, the President of OPC Switzerland. The OPC project immediately grabbed me and I saw an opportunity to contribute my expertise and professional experience as a carpenter.

My well-intentioned idea to go from a privileged first world country to the so-called „third world“ to offer my help took me to Ghana. Once there, I was able to learn that this division into different worlds dis - solved for me. I learnt a lot by living and working together with the local people, and the challenges that my stay in Ghana posed to me taught me a lot about myself.

The day in Ghana ends while cooking over the fire in the jungle or on the beach. We are exhausted, but with a satisfied feeling about the work done. This helps me to find my inner peace!