Nicolas Stöcklin, Intern water, planning

My story begins in the village of Busua at a well shaft, as there are many in the village. I try my hand at pulling up water from the well with a bucket attached to a rope: Lowering the bucket down the rope, then tipping the bucket back and forth to dip it into the water at the right moment. Crap. Missed the timing again, the bucket lands sideways on the water surface and remains empty. After a few more tries, I finally scooped up enough water to rinse the salt crust off the surfboard from the previous surf session.

Much of my project work at OPC also revolved around one of the most basic, yet precious commodities of all - water. The importance of water in sufficient quality and quantity is especially appreciated when it is not available. When you first have to start a pump for a shower, fix a temporary pipe, fill containers and then carry them up to the shower site. When you have to carry drinking water - either by wheelbarrow or by car.

Fortunately, things are different at OPC in Busua today. Thanks to the new water system, consisting of pipes, tanks and a membrane water filter to produce drinking water, it now looks like this: Shower tap open to shower, water tap open to drink. Much better. Since I unfortunately left unexpectedly due to Corona before the implementation of the project I had planned and designed, I will probably have to return to this beautiful spot to try this out for myself. Therefore, there is only one way for me: back to Ghana - back to Busua.