Magdalena Anetzberger, Intern vegetable growing and processing

I became aware of OPC through the website WWOOF, a portal for the worldwide placement of ecological farm projects. I had been to Ghana once before and had fallen in love with the country and its people, but this time I really wanted to volunteer. Since for me one of the keys to overcoming our global crisis lies in a sustainable, ecological and above all regional way of doing business, I wanted to gain practical experi- ence with projects that pursue such approaches.

Therefore, last year I was able to spend four months at OPC. For me it was an incredibly enriching time; I learnt a lot in the herb and vegeta- ble garden as well as the mushroom farm and tried out certain things myself. Among other things, I realized that it is not always easy and many things do not work right away. This taught me patience. The people at OPC are survivors who do not get discouraged so quickly. If it does not work this time, it will work the next time. I hope to keep this confidence and carry it forward. In addition, my appreciation for food has increased. It was wonderful to harvest what was available in the garden - a small green bell pepper, some green onions, eggplant, delicious water leaves (similar to spinach but much better) and of course the fantastic oyster mushrooms - and then prepare it all in the small kitchen.

Many conversations at OPC inspired me a lot and I was able to experi- ence how nice it is when people care for each other. The motto of OPC - for more inner peace - was exemplified to me and I was a part of it. I felt very accepted and I realized how important this motto is for solv- ing our current problems; because only those who take good care of themselves and are inwardly content and balanced can then also take good care of others. A small part of my heart has definitely remained on OPC land. I am very much looking forward to returning soon to learn many more things, but above all to meet again all the wonderful people from whom I was able to learn so much.