Joëlle Martz, BSc student sustainable tourism

In my field of expertise, tourism, the topic of sustainability is a complex and sometimes paradoxical challenge. For several years, I have been dealing with the topic privately, professionally and academically and strive to understand and develop my own approaches to solutions and implement them. In 2020, OPC gave me the chance to dive further into this passion by conducting my bachelor thesis. Therefore, in Busua, I explored the question of how OPC can best communicate the principle of sustainability to its national and international visitors.

After working out the disposition in Switzerland, I found out on site that adapting the question to local conditions took more time than planned. With the professional and emotional support of Israel Ashitey (‚Joeman‘), Mohammed Zakari (‚Zak‘) and Theresa Oppong, I neverthe- less rose to the challenge. The three of them introduced me to the local conditions and supported me in various ways, which greatly enriched my work and personal experience. Thus, I found myself in the precious role of the learner, a state that I want to enable all future visitors of the project to be in through my work.

I hope that my work can be used to ensure that even short stays at OPC are characterized by an exciting exchange with like-minded people from different cultures, and thus new skills can be learnt.

It can also enrich OPC with an understanding of the challenges that lie ahead, and show approaches to implementing tourism offerings in a way that promotes shared learning about sustainability. Whether I will be able to witness these steps from afar or on the ground is not yet clear. What I do know is that OPC can always count on my support, no matter where I am.