Joel Denzler, Agroforestry

My task was to support OPC in establishing a dynamic agroforestry system. This cultivation method is characterized by a high complexity with more than 15 different crops. The big challenge was to systema - tize this complexity and to make it understandable for the team mem- bers, as they helped to establish the system and should later continue the work independently.

My approach was to work with the team members in the field every day. Before the work, I always did a briefing to explain what exactly we were going to do, why and how. It was very important to include the local experience of the team members, as they have a lot of knowledge about the local conditions, such as the climate, the characteristics of the plants, but also where seeds can be organized, or how the available tools can be used efficiently. During the fieldwork, questions often arose and I made additional explanations on my own initiative. Through this, the initial scepticism turned into enthusiasm over time.

I will continue to work for OPC in the future to ensure that the team can maintain the agroforestry system independently. I personally learned through my stay that it takes a lot of patience to teach such complex systems, and that it is essential to include the local experi- ence of the people. M‘edase wo ho!