Christoph Rothenbuchner, Dancing theatre

In spring 2019, I completed my internship at OPC in Busua. I came with the desire to bring people closer to sustainable living and business and to use my background to serve the company‘s goals. As I have been active as an actor for the last ten years and recently warmed up to contemporary dance, dance theatre workshops with educational mission were planned.

First, I worked in the field to get to know the dynamic agroforestry system. Then I helped carpenter Thomas to cover the wooden roof. During meals together, I got familiar with the philosophy of the project and learned to communicate a little bit linguistically. From the halfway point on, I led a dance-theatre workshop at the local school, which led to a joint film project.

My time at OPC in Busua has shaped and changed me a lot. Before that, I wanted to continue to fight my way in the arts, but today I want to dedicate my resources to a good life for all and the fight against climate change. Therefore, I hope to be able to support OPC with my skills in the future. M‘edase wo ho!