Help us to build the Obrobibini Peace Complex!

We are a tax-exempt association based in Switzerland. Donations equal or above 100 CHF are tax-deductible

Your donation counts!

With 50 CHF we can buy seeds for one vegetable garden feeding one family for a whole year

With 100 CHF we can build waste recycling and composting sites for five families

With 200 CHF we can buy one solar panel providing sustainable energy for a whole family

With 500 CHF we can build a compost toilet ensuring decent sanitation for five families

With 1’000 CHF we can buy one solar-powered water pump, providing water for five families

Your donation makes a difference, no matter how big. Thank you very much!

Your donation counts!

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Account: 15-001815-6
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IBAN: CH57 0900 0000 1500 1815 6
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Name: Obrobibini Peace Complex

Address: 8050 Zürich

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